Making the switch to Rentopian: Event Rental Software

event rental management software

If you are an event rental business owner or manager and want to increase your business’ profitability while decreasing your overhead, then you need a proven event rental software that will help manage your business’ inventory, quotes, orders, contracts, payments,...

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Event Rental Software: Setting Correct Order Statuses

As your event rental business grows, so does the complexity of setting processes in place for a smooth, efficient work environment. You’ve likely got too many orders to sort through and prepare for, too many clients to call back, and...

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Best Website Platforms for Your Event Rental Business

event rental software online store

Do you know that renting is the trend rapidly rising in the world, taking over a trend of buying? As per an article published in Your Story, the volume of the rental market will reach around $59.4 billion in 2021...

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8 Tips for High Client Retention In Your Event Rental Business

Event Rental company has high client retention

According to recent research, it costs five times more to earn a new client than it does to retain an existing one, and retaining a customer is seven times more valuable. The same applies to the event rental industry, where...

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Top 9 Winter Wedding Trends Event Rental Companies Need to Prepare For In 2021

Winter wedding couple during COVID-19

With winter, here come all the glittery and shimmery occasions of weddings…and for good reason! Many event rental businesses especially announce exclusive discount deals and promotions for winter weddings, considering winter as the peak season for such amazing and life-changing...

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Equipment Checkout Software for Schools and Universities

University checkout software

The new era of automation is taking over all businesses that require inventory management. With the help of automation, dealing with loads of inventory supply becomes easier to manage and organize. Quick and efficient inventory management can substantially elevate a...

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COVID-19 Sanitizing/Cleaning Guidelines for Your Rental Inventory

COVID-19 Sanitizing/Cleaning Guidelines for Your Rental Inventory With professional and semi-professional events and gatherings being suspended, leisure events being canceled, and a national emergency declared in the United States almost all throughout 2020, comes the need for event rental businesses...

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6 Local Business Listings for Event Rental Businesses

local event rental business software

Are you an event rental business looking for avenues to maximize your visibility in the local market? Or maybe you want to showcase your event rental services to stand tall amongst other competitors. If you find yourself nodding in a...

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Tips For Generating Sales and Getting More Orders From Your Instagram Followers

Instagram marketing strategies for event rental businesses

If you want to showcase more of your event rental products or services online, don’t shy away from Instagram. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing and most widely used social media sites, particularly, an excellent marketing and sales generation tool...

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Top Online Tools to Boost Productivity in your Event Rental Business

Woman using online tools

Haunted by your growing customer base, more orders, and never-ending to-do list to be done under strict deadlines? You’re not the only event rental business feeling that way. Fortunately, there are event management online tools that can help you make...

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