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4 Top Tips To Grow Your Event Rental Business

Growing and expanding your event rental business can be daunting and overwhelming, but it’s important to remind yourself that the rewards and opportunities often outweigh the challenges. You must remember why you started in the first place. If there’s one...

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Top 10 Factors to Consider While Choosing Event Rental Management Software

person looking at event rental software on desktop

These days technology is dictating the way events are organized and managed. And we’re not just talking about multi-purpose apps and software such as Facebook and Microsoft Office. There are a plethora of other innovations that have become indispensable assets...

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How Your Event Rental Business Can Book More Orders

Increasing the number of direct bookings you receive from your event rental website may seem like an all-consuming and at times, impossible task. With a multitude of methods you can employ to drive more traffic to your website, it’s important...

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Providing Discounts and Coupons In Your Event Rental Business

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In 2020, about 88% of consumers across the United States used a coupon or discount code within the year. Try to remember the last time you wanted to purchase or rent a product or service. More than likely, you did...

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Top 5 E-commerce Metrics to Understand for Your Event Rental Business

Running an event rental business is both an opportunity and a challenge in itself. It is an opportunity since e-commerce has taken over the retail world to a greater degree than expected; on the other hand, it is a challenge...

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How Event Rental Software Can Help You Set Inventory Prices

If you are running an event rental business, you are probably under pressure most of the time to minimize costs and maximize profits. The art of navigating event rental inventory pricing plays a critical role. For any event rental business,...

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How To Put Your Event Rental Business On Auto-Pilot

With so many technological advances, running a business from anywhere is now possible. You can access your email on your smartphone, pay your bills through a secure portal, and even download the latest market research while in the boardroom while...

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Managing Rental Inventory Using Event Rental Software

An event rental business’ inventory is the single most significant investment of any rental company and the primary source to profit from their investment, which is why rental companies need to focus on how to maximize the amount of revenue...

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Pricing Your Event Rental Inventory Correctly

You are probably aware of the many benefits that event rental businesses can bring to any market. Indeed, time and again rental businesses have proven themselves a valuable part of the community. These businesses are extremely popular and easy to...

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4 Payment Gateways That Integrate With Rentopian, Event Rental Software

event rental software user making an online payment

How Payment Gateways work with Rentopian When managing a party rental company, you must provide clients with the flexibility to pay with a variety of methods, including cash, check, credit card, and ACH. Since payment processing at the rental businesses...

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