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Why You Need Rental Inventory Management Software

In the events industry, there are a variety of ways rental businesses can profit. One of these ways is by operating efficiently and reducing the cost of your rental inventory. People always have to keep in mind the cost of...

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The Best Event Rental Software For Your Multi-Location Rental Business

Whether you’re an event rental company owner/operator who manages a single warehouse location or a large corporation that owns several warehouses, expanding into different locations allows you to service more clients and in turn, increase your revenues. However, it’s very...

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Make Your Event Rental Business More Digital With Event Rental Software

event rental software online store

Running an event rental company requires the use of many different tools in order to manage every aspect of your business. Not only do you need to keep track of where your inventory is located and communicate with clients, but...

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4 Essential Features You Need In An Event Rental Software

Choosing the best event rental management software for your business is a daunting task. Starting with things like defining your goals and needs, determining what features you must have or can forgo, deciding how much to invest, and evaluating different...

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10 Tips For Managing a Rental Team During a Busy Events Season

event rental wedding

Planning an event might look easy from a distance, but in reality, it’s not. There’s a reason that event rental businesses and event planners are at the top of the list of the most stressful jobs in the world. It’s...

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Making the switch to Rentopian: Event Rental Software

event rental management software

If you are an event rental business owner or manager and want to increase your business’ profitability while decreasing your overhead, then you need a proven event rental software that will help manage your business’ inventory, quotes, orders, contracts, payments,...

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Event Rental Software: Setting Correct Order Statuses

As your event rental business grows, so does the complexity of setting processes in place for a smooth, efficient work environment. You’ve likely got too many orders to sort through and prepare for, too many clients to call back, and...

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8 Tips for High Client Retention In Your Event Rental Business

Event Rental company has high client retention

According to recent research, it costs five times more to earn a new client than it does to retain an existing one, and retaining a customer is seven times more valuable. The same applies to the event rental industry, where...

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6 Local Business Listings for Event Rental Businesses

local event rental business software

Are you an event rental business looking for avenues to maximize your visibility in the local market? Or maybe you want to showcase your event rental services to stand tall amongst other competitors. If you find yourself nodding in a...

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Tips For Generating Sales and Getting More Orders From Your Instagram Followers

Instagram marketing strategies for event rental businesses

If you want to showcase more of your event rental products or services online, don’t shy away from Instagram. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing and most widely used social media sites, particularly, an excellent marketing and sales generation tool...

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