One software that takes care of all your operations so that you can focus on what makes your business stand out.

Our Story

The idea behind Rentopian was conceived by one of its founders. After months of planning her wedding and interacting with several rental companies, Anna noticed that many of them would use either multiple applications and programs to manage their rental operations, or they would just stick to pen and paper since existing software lacked what they were looking for. Anna saw an opportunity in creating a solution that provides all of the necessary tools, coupled with lovely design and a simple user experience.

Since then, we have expanded to a global user base, made significant advancements in the development of the software, and undoubtedly improved the lives of rental company owners and operators.

We have grown rapidly and continue to innovate our solutions to meet the evolving needs of our users. We believe that software should work for you, instead of the other way around. Our mission is to help rental companies achieve their goals by providing exceptional software that meets their specific needs.

We focus on providing a user-friendly interface, customizable settings, and providing a centralized hub of features and possibilities to make your life as a rental company owner easier.

From experienced event rental company owners, to talented engineers from all corners of the globe, our team of passionate and driven individuals is united by a shared vision and aligned with our company’s core values:

Focus on customer

“Our users come first. We base every decision we make on how it will benefit them the most. We believe that by putting them first, we will create the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.”

Mariam M. | Head of User Experience

Create Impact

“We are dedicated to helping rental companies achieve their goals. We prioritize long-term considerations and promote an extended timeline for evaluating the impact we make. This means taking on significant challenges, even if the results are not immediately visible, in order to achieve the greatest impact over time. We prioritize impact and focus on outcomes, not on outputs.”

Hrant M. | Chief Executive Officer

Cultivate trust

“We earn the trust of our users, partners, and teammates by being transparent, secure, compliant, protective of privacy, and delivering outstanding performance. Our team is dedicated to overcoming obstacles, finding solutions, and achieving exceptional results with integrity.”

Anna T. | Head of Customer Success


“Innovation drives progress by promoting risk-taking, fostering curiosity and novel thinking, learning from failures, and working to exceed expectations. By embracing innovation, we provide robust solutions for our users and set a new standard for the rental software industry.”

Levon M. | Chief Technical Officer

What our customers are saying

“We have been able to track our inventory accurately, monitor repairs, bill and charge clients, as well as work with an incredibly responsive support team. The fact this is all online based makes it even better!” Alex S. Co-Owner / Operator
“ We love having more information regarding our rentals, from photos on the pick list, to availability within the calendar view. It's a very user friendly program that was designed by people who know the rental industry!” Jenine K. Operations Manager
“Tech support team is first class! Always able to get ahold of someone. Very understanding of our needs and quick to provide solutions.” Matt S. President
“The software is easy to use which makes training new employees even easier and the customer support is amazing. They always respond in a timely manner and provide assistance. There has never been a time that they were not able to assist me at the level I expected.” Nikki C. Owner

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