Features you need to support your rental business — all in one place.

Ditch the paper and stop paying for multiple programs.


Get an at-a-glance view of your entire workday.

  • Real-time statistics on new orders, quotes, quote-to-order conversion rates, and overdue returns.
  • See quote and order website submissions in real-time.
  • Keep track of due and past due invoices to make sure you get paid on time.
  • View the daily tasks assigned to yourself, to a specific user, or to your entire team.
  • Assign drivers and rent out orders directly from your dashboard.
  • View and print packing slips and pick lists.

Quotes And Orders

Gain control of the entire event rental cycle- from quote creation to order return.

  • Create branded, photo-rich quote and order PDFs with a clear cost summary and breakdown of rental rates, labor costs, services, taxes, discounts, damage waiver fees, and more. Customize which information fields you want to display on the PDF.
  • View which inventory items are in other quotes and orders within any given date range.
  • Email quotes to clients and easily convert quotes into actual orders.
  • View details, contracts, invoices, client information, and digital + printable  picking/packing lists for each quote and order.
  • Create a Purchase Order or Subrental to fulfill inventory shortages for overbooked products.
  • Add floor plans, mood boards, and other important documents to each quote or order.
  • Set quotes to expire after a designated number of days.
  • Group selected inventory items into color-coded and labeled groups. Clients can see exactly what they’re renting, and employees have a clear understanding of how to set up the venue.
  • Add a title to each quote or order and gather essential event information such as total guest count, event planner info, referral sources, and more.
  • Create temporary or virtual items and add them to a quote or order. Set a price, labor cost, mark the item as rental or sale, and as taxable or non-taxable.
  • Add a product note for each line item and allow it to print on quote and order PDFs, and packing and picking documents.
  • Create a project timeline of your arrival on-site, setup and strike time, event start and end times, and more.


Get real-time availability of products and stay on top of stock levels.

  • Instantly view all inventory items and their rental or sale status.
  • Automatically sync your available inventory with your website. Show or hide inventory items from appearing on your website.
  • Spread inventory counts among multiple warehouses and create variations and attributes of each product.
  • Instantly view and add all of your inventory items and variations, including add-on products and accessories.
  • Adjust inventory prices and labor costs for each quote or order.
  • Mark whether a product is taxable and discountable.
  • Categorize inventory items and add a buffer time (prep or turnover time), description, dimensions, tags, notes, and attachments.
  • Resolve overbooked inventory by creating a subrental or purchase order within the system.


Record and process your core financial transactions.

  • Auto-generate customizable invoices with payment terms.
  • Email invoices to clients directly from the order, or download/print it in place.
  • Set up intervals and send up to 3 reminders to clients with due and overdue invoice balances.
  • Set a Net number of days for each invoice depending on the client type- regular, wholesale, event planners, corporations, and more.
  • Filter invoice statuses by Open, Paid, Partially Paid, or Overdue.


Request, collect, and manage payments using multiple payment methods and payment processors.

  • Accept online payments from clients with various payment methods including cash, check, and credit card through Stripe, PayJunction, Authorize.net, and Square.
  • Email payment requests to clients. Instantly view paid deposits or full order balances.
  • Avoid the awkwardness of chasing after clients by enabling automatic payment reminders.
  • Set deposit requirements for a quote to be converted to an order. Once the deposit is paid online, the quote is automatically converted into an order.
  • Track payment history by who paid what, when, and the payment method used.
  • Provide refunds to the original payment method or apply the refund to the client’s store credit to be used at a later date.
  • Save credit card information on a secure PCI compliant server for quick and easy future use.

Client Management

Quickly access all information for any client and manage your ongoing relationships.

  • Complete each profile with full information about the client and easily access important information from one screen.
  • Assign a client type to each customer and set a discount and damage waiver exemption per type.
  • View quote, order, and payment history, and more per client.
  • Swipe driver’s licenses for instant information input.
  • Add internal notes, tasks, and schedules for a client and assign them to a user for completion.
  • Save billing and delivery addresses for each client. Select the client when creating a quote or order and automatically populate the billing and delivery address fields.


Get comprehensive reports based on different filters and parameters. Track business performance, and use the reports to make informed decisions. Select a custom date range for all reports. Export all reports into PDFs into CSVs and email reports to any system user within your company.

  • Bulk Print – Select a date range and print all Packing Lists, Pick Slips, Quote/Order PDFs, and Invoices for quotes and/or orders.
  • Cancellation – View canceled orders and the cancellation reason for each.
  • Client Yearly Report – Track how much income was generated by client, per year.
  • Coupon Usage – Understand the percentage and dollar value of discounts your coupon codes provided.
  • Damaged Items – Review the items that were marked as “Damaged” or “Unrepairable” within any given date range, by category or specific product, and status.
  • Delivery – View deliveries by order number, client, delivery date, and pickup date.
  • Duration – Find the average rental duration for a specific product or category.
  • Financial Order Details – Select a date range and view the following information for all orders, including the status, order number, sales rep, client, event type, and order totals. Break down the order totals even further to view the rental subtotal, sale subtotal, labor cost, service subtotal, delivery fee, damage waiver fees, rush fee, and tax.
  • Future Utilization – Select future dates to view which products are in future orders, including the quantity, category, order number, total, and SKU.
  • Global Packing List – A summary of packing lists within a given date range, broken down into 3 sections- Delivery, Grouped Packing List, and Rental Loading Order. Pull products at once for various orders, rather than going back and forth to pull from the same area in the warehouse.
  • Income – Track your income by product category, client, location, or date and view the amounts received and amounts still due.
  • Income by Location – Track your income by state, city, or postal code.
  • Multi-location Transaction Delta – Reconcile your order totals, taxes, and more between multiple warehouse locations.
  • Orders – Breakdown your orders by client, transaction status, number of items, address, and more.
  • Overbooked Orders – Filter by date, transaction status, and transaction type to view orders with overbooked items, overbooked quantity, and resolved quantity.
  • Products Usage – View which client booked which inventory item, the quantities booked, and when it was delivered and returned.
  • Referral Percentage – Understand which referral sources sent which clients your way, how much their orders generated, and what their total referral fees are based on the specific referral percentage you apply to each source.
  • Transaction Summary – Filter transactions by user, location, and specific date ranges.
  • User Actions – View date and time stamps of all the actions each user took in the system, and a history of the changes they made.
  • Utilization – Discover the total rented-out time of your inventory to see which products are performing well and which ones aren’t.

Can’t find the report you need to run your business efficiently?

Let us know and we’ll build any custom reports to fit your needs!


Create enforceable agreements for all types of clients and transactions.

  • Create and auto-generate contracts and attach them to orders. Set standard terms and text, or customize the text with every order.
  • E-mail the contract to your client and receive the signed contract back with an e-signature.
  • Allow clients to digitally sign and initial order PDFs and contracts by connecting your DocuSign or DigiSigner account.
  • View and store signed contracts with an electronic trail of the signature’s date and time, signatory, and contract status.
  • Automatically include Replacement Costs for each product rented, so clients know exactly how much they owe if a product is returned with damages or is lost.

Wordpress Plugin

Fully sync your existing or new website to the system.

  • Use our WordPress plugin to seamlessly integrate your inventory with your website, or connect to our API to use with your custom-built website.
  • Receive detailed quotes from the website, with the option to provide availability information in real-time based on the client’s event dates.
  • Allow clients to book directly from the website, without them submitting a quote first.
  • Clients enter the rental date and time range from the form on the inventory listing page and provide their ZIP code, add items to cart, then proceed to checkout.
  • Auto-calculate product prices, labor fees, coupons, delivery fees, taxes, damage waiver fees, and more based on your internal system settings. Clients can view their exact totals before checking out or submitting a quote.
  • Any changes made in your Rentopian account will reflect on your website, such as changing the product name, editing prices, adding coupons, etc.


Group multiple inventory items together to save time when creating a quote or order. Assign special pricing for each set.

  • Create a ‘set’ from 2 or more existing inventory items.
  • Assign a unique rental price and picture to the set, whether it’s higher/lower than or equal to the total of the individual inventory item.
  • Never overbook! The number of sets available will be based on the available quantities of the individual inventory items.

API Integrations

Use API to integrate with any third-party system you might be using.

  • Connect to your website to access product, category, and inventory information.
  • Easily receive client information from your website.

Work Orders

Create Work Orders and email them to third party vendors or to yourself to resolve the work order.

  • Create work orders for damaged items that need to be repaired.
  • Attach product details, descriptions, images, and notes of the damage. Set a deadline for when the work order needs to be completed.
  • Set the priority of the repair and email the PDF it to any specified vendor or maintenance company.
  • Damaged items are temporarily removed from your inventory and added to the “Quarantine” list. Quarantined products and unavailable to be booked until your mark the Work Order as “Resolved”.


Easily communicate with your team members regarding important deadlines and to-do's.

  • Allow team members to assign follow-ups, tasks, and more to the entire team, or to individual members.
  • Set deadlines and track which employee completed the given task.
  • Receive notifications when tasks are assigned to the specified user and additional notifications when they’re completed or have become overdue.
  • View Open, Completed, and Overdue tasks with ease.
  • View daily tasks directly on the dashboard.


Add venues you frequently deliver to and print the venue name and address on all quote and order documents.

  • Bulk import venue names and addresses once and use them on all future quotes and orders.
  • Search and select a venue when creating a quote or order to auto-populate the venue’s name and address on each transaction.
  • Save the venue’s main contact person’s information, website, phone number, and more.
  • Based on your delivery fees, (either by zip code or per mile), the delivery fee is automatically calculated and added to the quote or order with the option to charge a custom fee as well.


Keep your finger on the pulse of your entire business operations across multiple locations.

  • Assign clients, inventory, vendors, and more to one location but be able to share with other locations.
  • View available inventory from multiple locations and create quotes and orders with inventory from multiple locations.
  • Access multiple locations from a single super admin account.
  • Transfer rental inventory and quantities from one location to another with ease.
  • Subrent inventory from other locations to fulfill your location’s orders.

Subrentals and Purchase Orders

Create a Purchase Order or Subrental to fulfill inventory shortages for new or existing quotes and orders.

  • Overbook a quote or order, then create a Subrental form or Purchase Order and automatically email it to third-party event rental equipment vendors or wholesalers.
  • Quotes and Orders turn red on the list to notify you of an overbooking.
  • Enter the date of when you need the products in the PO or Subrental by and whether the third-party vendor needs to deliver it to your warehouse or to the location of the event.
  • Update the status of the PO or Subrental to Open, Cancelled, Approved, Pending Delivery, Received, and Closed.

Emails and Templates

Save hours every week by manually or automatically sending pre-set emails and using dynamic fields.

  • Upload your event rental business logo and send branded emails.
  • Use 40+ email templates with dynamic fields to email clients manually or automatically. Use our templates written by event industry professionals, or enter your own text.
  • Setup SMTP details for emails to be sent from your own email address, with your desired ‘Reply to:’ address.
  • Attach quote and order PDFs, invoices, packing and picking documents, contracts, and more to emails.
  • View a log of which email was sent to who, when it was sent, and a preview of any attachments that were sent with the email.

Digital Sales Assistant

The average salesperson spends 13 hours a week checking and writing emails. Automate your sales process and avoid paying sales commissions, eliminate human error, and prevent any potential quote conversions and payments from slipping through the cracks.

  • Schedule email templates to automatically be sent based on the rules and conditions you set up once. Need to send a payment reminder for orders 10 days before the event date? Need to follow up on a quote 5 days after it is initially sent? Set up the email scheduler once and let Rentopian do the rest.
  • Attach various documents such as invoices, contracts, quote and order PDFs, and more and schedule them to be sent out based on the rules you create.
  • View date and time stamps of the sales emails that were sent, who they were sent to, and a list of attachments or contracts that were sent with the email.

Users and Roles

Add users, assign permissions, and keep tabs on who does what.

  • Users can set up their own profiles with their contact information, profile picture, password, and more.
  • Create a User Role and assign any user to that particular role, such as an Admin, Sales Representative, Driver, Warehouse employee, Laundry Room, and more.
  • Set granular permissions to allow or restrict each user from completing or viewing anything in the system.
  • View a detailed activity log with a date and time stamp of any actions each user took in the system, and a history of the changes they made.

Drivers and Dispatching

Add drivers and assign them to scheduled deliveries and pickups.

  • Pre-set delivery fees in your settings- either a flat fee per city and zip code or a fee per mile. The distance between your warehouse and the delivery address is calculated using Google Maps and it added to the quote or order, with the option to set your own custom fee for each transaction.
  • Assign and schedule drivers to fulfill order deliveries and pickup. View a map with pinpoints of their existing deliveries and pickups.
  • Sync driver email addresses with their Google Calendar so they can see their exact schedules, order numbers, client info, and delivery information from their phones. Simply click on the address in the calendar to open GPS directions to the location.
  • Print a driver packet so drivers know exactly where the delivery or pickup location is, who to get in contact with at the venue, delivery and/or pickup notes, and a breakdown of products in the delivery vehicle or a list of what they need to strike.


Create and add custom Services to quotes and orders.

  • Create Service Groups and add specific Services under each group.
  • Set a unit and rate per each service and add it to each quote or order.
  • Indicate whether a service is discountable or taxable and view the adjusted totals in the pricing summary of the quote or order.
  • Add a description and note for each service and allow it to print on transaction PDFs.

File Manager

Easily upload, organize, and view photos and files.

  • Bulk upload files and images and view them all from a centralized page.
  • Attach multiple photos to an inventory item and choose a default image to print on all documents.
  • Crop, rotate, flip, and resize images with our photo editor.
  • Store user manuals, safety guides, and more, for future use on orders.


Call clients directly from the software.

  • Call clients using your company’s own phone number from within the software and record your phone conversations.
  • View a log of which user called the client, time spent on the call, and more.

Labor Scheduling

Seamlessly schedule crew members for setups, deliveries, pickups, and more.

  • View the availability of crew members and select multiple members for projects.
  • Send requests to crew members to understand their availability, hourly rates, and more. Receive notifications when a job is booked.
  • Crew members can view their upcoming schedules, reply to your requests, and view all of the necessary details for the project.
  • Conveniently invite outside workforce or freelancers to projects.

Security Deposits

Collect security deposit for incidentals, refund fully or partially depending on lost or damaged inventory.

  • Collect order deposits based on set dollar amounts or percentages based on the order total.
  • Refund the deposit upon order return based on condition or missing items.
  • Mark inventory items as damaged or lost, and keep the security deposit or refund partially.
  • Control security deposit management through streamlined workflow and reminder prompts.

Document Management System (DMS)

Customize any PDF templates design and structure with limitless possibilities.

  • Completely customize any and all printable documents, including quotes, orders, invoices, receipts, packing and picking slips, POs, and more.
  • Change the structure and information that needs to be shown or hidden from the given documents.
  • Keep document templates for different client types, clients, or specific orders. For example,  hide pictures for commercial clients, and provide more elegant-looking photo-rich documents to others.
  • Create custom fields and use them on any documents to provide unique information to clients and your team.
  • No coding is needed. Utilize drag-and-drop technology to fit your exact business needs and achieve your desired document design.


Capture Leads with with minimal required information and covert to clients.

  • Capture leads from your storefront website and send leads directly to Rentopian.
  • Get notified through email upon receiving new leads.
  • Convert leads to clients and send out quotes in minutes.

Automated Tax Calculation

Save time and your sanity with automated tax calculation based on address.

  • Automate tax calculations based on the delivery address.
  • Breakdown tax rates based on State, City, County, and District. 
  • User robust tax report to know exactly how the tax was collected for each category. 
  • Break down taxes based on the total order amount or ratio of collected payments.

Auto Applied Fees

Automate addition of fees and never miss any in the first place.

  • Set auto-applied fees based on dollar amounts or percentages based on the order total.
  • Choose what exactly percentage-based fees apply to whether it is rentals or consumables, taxes, delivery costs, or all of the above.
  • Set conditional auto applies fees and never miss fees such as restocking fees, cleaning fees, and more…

Barcode & QR Code Scanning

Speed up and streamline inventory management by scanning inventory for different purposes.

  • Autogenerate or enter existing barcodes or QR codes for your inventory.
  • Print your own or use pre-printed labels.
  • Customize the structure and details on barcode and QR code labels including where or not to show the product image, name, rental price, location, bin number, and more.
  • Scan quotes, orders, and invoices to quickly locate the transaction in question.
  • Scan inventory to create new quotes and orders.
  • Inventory check-in and check-out for serialized and none serialized inventory.

Data Import

Bulk import data to get started or to updated your inventory in bulk to keep accurate stock counts.

  • Import Inventory, Clients, Venues, Derivers, Vendors, Serialized Products, and more.
  • Update inventory counts, pricing, and more in bulk to keep accurate inventory counts.
  • Handing a large number of orders? No problem, import quotes and orders based on predefined templates and save tons of time.
  • Define known order recipes to match upon import and avoid manual entry and mistakes.

Web Forms

Create custom web forms and send them to your client to obtain more information.

  • Create custom web forms through easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Send Web Forms to your client to fill out online on any device and obtain more quotes and order-related information.
  • Include a Web Form as one of the final steps of a quote or order confirmation and obtain all data you need at once.
  • Turn filled-out Web Form information into a contract to be signed electronically by the client.

RFID Scanning and Integration

Scan serialized inventory in bulk and speed up check-out and check-in workflows of inventory.

  • Speed up and make your logistics workflow streamlined – check-out and check-in inventory in bulk.
  • Scan RFID-tagged inventory in bulk whether it is a bag of lines or a truck full of products.
  • Complete inventory recalculation faster than ever and reduce manual effort and errors.

Product Options

Define product options selection to use for up-charging or simply knowing what to expect.

  • User flexing product options creation and define set up the surface, delivery location, and more.
  • Tie product options to specific products or product categories.
  • Charge extra for specific options selections such as stairs, set-up surfaces, etc…
  • Seamlessly integrate the same options into the website storefront and get more accurate quotes and orders.