Frequently asked questions

A regularly updated list of answers to your most popular questions

  • Do you provide onboarding and training for new users?

    Yes! During the onboarding process, we’ll help you set up your account, configure the system based on your workflow, and import all of your data. We provide free training for all new users, and ongoing support.

  • What will happen to my existing data when I switch to Rentopian?

    As long as you can provide CSV or Excel files of your data, we will help you import it all into Rentopian, free of charge. Alternatively, if you cannot provide any export files, no worries- you can easily add your data to the system from scratch.

  • Can I change my subscription?

    Yes! You can change your subscription at any time. If you need advice on what type of plan to switch to, a team member will help you decide on a plan that suits your business needs.

  • Can I use my current credit card processor?

    If you already have a Stripe, PayJunction, Square or account, you can simply plug in your credentials, and start processing payments right away. If you’re using another processor, we’re more than happy to look into integrating it with our system, so you can continue operating your business without any issues.

  • How does Rentopian process credit cards on my behalf?

    Rentopian processes payments using your credit card processor on your behalf, which then deposits the funds into your bank account typically within 3 business days.

  • What are the set-up fees?

    We do not charge any fees to set-up your account.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards.

  • Do you offer customizations? How does it work?

    Yes, we do offer customizations. Please contact us for more information.