Top 3 Important Features To Look For In an Event Rental Software

Whether you’re managing a small event business or you’re in charge of a large-scale operation, an all-in-one Event Rental Software can help your business reach new heights. With features like management, inventory control, and analytics, Rentopian event rental software is perfect for anyone looking to take their rental company to the next level!

Managing multiple programs and screens is something that can become a challenge when running an event rental business. Some of your software will be very good at doing one thing, such as keeping track of inventory, while others will be more useful for taking care of administrative tasks like handling finances. Running a successful business requires you to take care of the organization and if you don’t properly integrate your software then you’ll soon find yourself becoming frustrated more than ever because of all the work you have to do manually!

The purpose of Event Rental Software is to maintain records, photos, and all information related to inventory of the equipment that was rented, provided, and used by the customer. It needs to be protected through user access rights as there is always a chance for fraud, vandalism, or theft. The equipment is less prone to damage if listed in an event rental software and hence it helps customers protect their investments in rentals. This software must have modules to handle functions like searching, payment processing, and invoicing by providing relevant invoice copies. If a business owner wants to run his enterprise smoothly then he would require a functional and unlimited event rental software that only takes care of accounts management versus a limited one that creates issues while handling multiple tasks at once.

Benefits of Event Rental Software

Following are the benefits of Event Rental Software:
With Event Rental Software, you’ll have more time to focus on what matters most – your customers.
There are many features that make this software useful for businesses of all sizes.
Event rental software allows you to manage your business goals, track your activity, and take accurate financial reports.
Event rental software is a great way to boost your business.
It’s an automated process that makes sure all of your events run smoothly.

How does the software work?

The rental software for your event rental business is designed to streamline the process of renting to your customers. The software also allows you to run customer service from a remote location, so you have more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

The rental software for your event rental business is an online service that makes it easier for your clients to send and receive messages about the terms of their rental, along with other important information.
With this software, you’ll be able to filter, manage and schedule rental events with no hassle.
It will also help you take care of the administrative tasks that go along with being an event rental company owner, such as contract filing and storage, payment processing, and more.

The Top 3 Essential Features

There are many event rental software to choose from out there, so let’s take a look at what we think are four main things that you need to look for. In event rental software you will have the ability to organize your inventory, control your revenues, project your earning potential and even manage customer orders more effectively!

1. Inventory Management Tracking

Back when you had to rely on pen and paper, renting out an item would be done in a very unorganized manner. You could never really tell how many times someone rented out one of these products, when they returned it, and whether or not the product was damaged during the rental. If someone said they were bringing back an item and never did, it made tracking down lost or missing items quite difficult unless you had a dedicated individual who kept track of all this information using tools such as design documents, spreadsheets and checklists. Rentopian has a reputation for making things easier! With everything transparently tracked in real-time on the platform right at your fingertips, owners can enjoy greater control over their inventory with timely updates about when something is rented out or being reviewed for return. Orders detail activity and user information, so it’s easy to understand which products went where and who rented them out. You can also see when they were rented out.

Availability calendar screenshot

2. Direct Website Integration and Online Bookings
Rentopian makes it easy to display product information on your site. Using Rentopian’s WordPress plugin, customers are able to virtually rent products straight from their screens! For example, customers can view photos of items they’re interested in renting before actually making the call or booking the order on your website. If inventory changes, your site automatically reflects these changes instantly.

Having a fully integrated software that stays in sync between your website and Rentopian will let customers know if the items they have placed in their checkout cart are available for their selected event dates. They’ll be able to place an order on your site with all of the selected inventory and required information which will then come into your software, including the details about day-of-event information, billing and delivery details, client’s information, and so forth.

website orders in event rental software

3. Online Payments and Electronic Signatures

You’re able to collect payments both directly on Rentopian and via email. Our secure payment gateway partners ensure customers provide all the information they need when booking directly on our website as well. Clients enter in their personal data, like credit card numbers and billing addresses, confirm their order details before completing the transaction, making peace of mind a guarantee throughout the entire process.

Credit card payments can be integrated into your Website, and this will allow you to easily keep track of payments that come in through your online store. Your customers can just enter their credit card information onto a secure server and they will be completely protected from any fraudulent activity thanks to industry-standard security procedures. By accepting credit cards, you’ll be able to eliminate the hassle of having to manually accept cash or checks and then having to deal with the headache of chasing customers for payment as soon as possible. For some businesses, it may make sense not to accept credit cards, but if you have clients who frequently don’t pay or tend to be unreliable in some other way, you might want to consider using this convenient payment solution as an alternative so that you’re never left in the lurch.


online payments from event rental software

Rentopian’s e-signing feature saves both your clients and your time by streamlining the process of sending and signing off on contracts. All information related to a contract is made readily available directly from Rentopian’s dashboard by its respective tenant or landlord without the hassle of email attachments or hard copies in which to find an electronic signature. This solution saves time for both you and your client when requesting or accepting contracts as well as for you when it comes time to sign them off.

When looking to collect rental contracts, Rentopian provides an electronic signature system that permits easy tracking of documents. Any signed agreement is essentially equally binding as the paper version and signatures can be captured, shared, authenticated, and tracked in minutes instead of hours or days. An online document reduces time-consuming and expensive processes like printing out agreements and faxing or mailing them back for hard copy proof. By storing all data in one central location, your business will save countless hours every month!


Final Thoughts
Rentopian is the leading all-in-one event rental software that provides the tools you need to expand your business and increase your revenue. With an intelligent system for automating tedious or time-consuming tasks, you can maximize your future growth potential by deploying an infinite number of features to help you manage rental items more efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us today for a 30-minute personalized demo and begin your two-week trial– no credit card required!