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Top 5 E-commerce Metrics to Understand for Your Event Rental Business

Running an event rental business is both an opportunity and a challenge in itself. It is an opportunity since e-commerce has taken over the retail world to a greater degree than expected; on the other hand, it is a challenge...

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How Event Rental Software Can Help You Set Inventory Prices

If you are running an event rental business, you are probably under pressure most of the time to minimize costs and maximize profits. The art of navigating event rental inventory pricing plays a critical role. For any event rental business,...

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How To Put Your Event Rental Business On Auto-Pilot

With so many technological advances, running a business from anywhere is now possible. You can access your email on your smartphone, pay your bills through a secure portal, and even download the latest market research while in the boardroom while...

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Managing Rental Inventory Using Event Rental Software

An event rental business’ inventory is the single most significant investment of any rental company and the primary source to profit from their investment, which is why rental companies need to focus on how to maximize the amount of revenue...

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Pricing Your Event Rental Inventory Correctly

You are probably aware of the many benefits that event rental businesses can bring to any market. Indeed, time and again rental businesses have proven themselves a valuable part of the community. These businesses are extremely popular and easy to...

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4 Payment Gateways That Integrate With Rentopian, Event Rental Software

event rental software user making an online payment

How Payment Gateways work with Rentopian When managing a party rental company, you must provide clients with the flexibility to pay with a variety of methods, including cash, check, credit card, and ACH. Since payment processing at the rental businesses...

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Top 8 Benefits of Using an All-in-One Inflatable Rental Software

Owning an inflatable bounce house business can be profitable if you set it up in the right way. Some business owners choose to rent the bounce houses to customers for an event while some business owners use the bounce house...

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Use Event Rental Software

event rental wedding reception

We live in a world that is ever-changing, but some things can be said to never change. One of those things is celebrating! Whether you are holding a grand exhibition for a non-government organization (NGO), or you are setting up...

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How Event Rental Software Will Increase Your Company’s Bookings

event rental wedding

If you’re running an event rental business, handling an increasing inflow of orders and quotes often becomes a challenge. This is because most event rental companies are unable to track how much rental inventory they truly have on hand, for...

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Powerful Event Rental Software Integrations

When event rental companies grow their operations, many begin utilizing various event rental softwares or online tools — each providing its own functionality and each offering its own special service, such as accounting software, inventory management software, and online payment...

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