4 Event Rental Software Features Needed To Support Your Multi-Location Event Rental Business

Managing Linen Inventory with Linen Rental Software

Whether you’re a small event rental business that owns one inventory warehouse or a large corporation with several storage warehouses, it is important to keep inventory in more than one location and be willing to expand your business if it means you can serve even more clients across a broad area. The challenge, however, lies in making sure your equipment is properly managed when you have items in both locations and ensuring they are being stored as efficiently as possible.

Not only that, but accurately accounting for the inventory of rental spaces can be quite confusing when there are several locations with many employees working in those spaces and making sure inventory items end up in the correct space every single time.

Running an event rental business can be tough, especially if you have multiple branches across different locations catering to different areas or target markets. It’s crucial for all the information needed for your company like customer databases and order reservations to be accessible from one central location, regardless of the number of locations you have. Sometimes this is a difficult process to manage, but luckily there’s an event rental software application such as Rentopian that has an intuitive inventory management calendar so you can handle everything seamlessly while also keeping track of inventory on every given level necessary.

There’s so much information involved in operating a large business. The team is spread out across locations and it can be challenging to not only keep accurate records of all the money flowing between accounts, but also to track things like expense reports, budget variances, and employee performance data. We understand how vital it is as an entrepreneur to keep on top of these aspects of your business at all times, as often one small issue can have huge consequences down the line. 

Rentopian covers everything you’ll ever truly need from multi-location software. This way you get a full view of your business from every angle, allowing you to make pragmatic decisions based on objective facts rather than gut or personal feelings. 


1. User Roles Management and Permissions

Managing multiple rental locations can send most event rental owners through a whirlwind. Maybe it’s the logistical aspects of finding, cleaning, and creating new inventory all while simultaneously managing other locations- not to mention interacting with clients the entire time. Managing multiple locations is more than logistics, however – it’s also about people! Everyone needs to be able to access certain information and specific customer accounts at their individual location(s), but the only way you have control over who has access to what at each location is by using multi-location or multi-regional software.

Having an organized inventory can help your employees focus more on the items they need to get done in their daily routines, such as their tasks and their jobs. For example, they will be able to find these materials more easily if they know exactly where to go and what belongs there.

Additionally, it is important for a CEO or member of a company’s management to have the ability to run reports so that the overall organization can see how well its day-to-day operations have been going. Most databases include materials that outline limitations on users’ abilities based on roles and locations so that only key members can get the information they need – while others may be blocked from accessing certain things altogether.

Being able to track multiple users across an organization’s network will make reporting management easier. Additionally, being able to track users’ activities throughout their day means that staff can access reports on resource utilization at any given time. Rentopian offers comprehensive reporting that allows managers to see all the activity in real-time. With many users tapping into the Rentopian system from multiple locations and at any time of day, having a tool like this is actually quite useful!

user log screen in event rental software


2. Warehouse Operations and Deliveries/Returns

Once your schedule is in place, use your event rental management software to view the automatically generated order, picking, and packing lists that provide the location of —and the number of necessary—inventory items and define how they should be picked, packed, and delivered. These documents will show that inventory is ready at hand so that it’s readily available to be delivered. Upon receiving a returned order, you’re able to immediately return items into your inventory availability but allow your warehouse or “in-take” staff to log the return into Rentopian.

3. Multi-location Inventory Availability Calendar

A primary reason event rental business owners should use Rentopian software is that it helps them to manage their inventory more effectively. With the software, users are able to search for which location has what rental items and in turn, check the inventory after creating an event with your customers (i.e. rental quotes, orders, or reservations). With Rentopian’s online calendar feature, you can also view all of your equipment for any day or date range by location.

multi-location event rental software


4. Flexible Settings 

With a true multi-location software platform, account settings must be flexible. Rentopian offers many customizable features which enable you to create the business flow you want while saving time and effort. This flexibility should extend beyond location-based settings for ongoing management. Each company has different needs depending on the type of event rental business it’s running; therefore, it would make sense for some settings to have flexibility, like a drop-down menu selection where each option represents a different scenario. 


Final Thoughts

True, multi-location capable event rental software will allow you to have users, inventory, and more assigned to each location while giving you the flexibility to pull inventory or staff from all or other locations. Make sure when looking for multi-location software that it’s built truly for managing more than one location. 

It can be challenging to run an event rental business with multiple locations serving different areas or target markets. Your company needs to be able to access all its information from one central location, including customer databases and order reservations, no matter how many locations you have. Rentopian has an intuitive inventory management calendar that helps you manage inventory seamlessly while tracking each item at every level. This is sometimes a difficult task to manage, but luckily there is an event rental software application like Rentopian that can make the process easier.

Get in touch with us if you’re currently using a “multi-location” event rental software and don’t see its full potential! We’d love to show you how Rentopian can help you seamlessly manage your multi-location event rental business and offer you to try it for free for 2 weeks.