Event Rental Software That Automates Your Event Rental Business

Technology has given the world so many new ways to stay connected, whether you’re working from your home office or just sitting at your kids’ soccer practice or on an airplane. You can even keep in touch with clients or customers from these different locations without having to constantly be inside an office building! One of the best things that technology offers today is the option for a company to hire remotely for jobs where working in an office isn’t necessary.

Although the events industry is a demanding one, it’s not necessarily surprising that there are many moving pieces along the way that come into play. Because of the nature of what goes into an event, one mistake can easily turn into a greater burden over time which can be detrimental to your business, staff, and even your reputation. That being said, if you’re going to try to start an events company as a small business entrepreneur then you need to have reliable marketing systems on hand or risk losing everything you worked hard for!

A wedding rental business must know that technology helps in making a world of a difference. With the right technology and software in place, an event planner or party planner is able to make their work more efficient than ever before. However, event professionals with limited tech knowledge feel especially overwhelmed by the task at hand. Many of them are already overwhelmed by their choices when it comes to the latest technology, and they simply don’t have time to consider their options. Simply put, some accept outdated or unhelpful software because they have no other choice. For example, some event professionals decide to forgo key programs completely because of a lack of understanding about how useful these tools could be for their operation in the long run.

Event rental companies want a program that’s tailored to their needs, so it would be helpful if the software was integrated seamlessly with existing tools like CRMs and email apps. Rentopian offers hosted software that lets you list your rentals, send email notifications to guests before they arrive, and collect payments on the go via the app securely. With all the added functionality, rented items will blend in seamlessly with your inventory, streamlining everything.


Payments and Billing

Rentopian saves your business time, money, and hassle through automatic payment processing. With one-click payments using Rentopian’s secure payment gateway partners, clients can finish the rental checkout process on your website by quickly paying their specified rental fees. They can also make payments online easily and quickly using one of Rentopian’s partner gateways that integrate with your Rentopian account. You can choose to add additional state and local tax, delivery/shipping options, or rental insurance to the final price so you don’t need to worry about collecting this information from your customers during checkout. And you can collect any other data collection field that ends up being sent to our servers in real-time.

When you set up online payments, you’ll be able to keep track of who paid for what when, and how they went about the transaction. You will also have an easier time keeping a tab on whether or not a refund was due to a customer or providing store credit – all this gives you convenience and better administrative control over your money management.

Online payments have become a necessity for any serious business. By accepting a variety of payment options on your website, you reduce the effort required to deal with each individual transaction as well as make it easier to accommodate customers with varying schedules. By setting up automatic reminders for clients via email, you can reduce the number of people who forget to pay on time.

online payments from event rental software


Client Management and Communication 

Always remember that each conversation you have with your clients and customers takes time, no matter what type of communication medium they are using. Because it’s so easy to get distracted nowadays and we don’t mean when texting or browsing the Web, a quick chat may feel like it only lasts for a few minutes but can quickly lead to much longer ones. Whatever medium you’re using, the most important thing is to make sure your customers know they’re always a priority because it shows that you care about their well-being

Connecting with your clients is important, but it’s vital that you maintain a non-sales basis. As Rentopian’s customer database is neatly organized, we can easily help you by taking care of the tedious task of sending out letters and cards to clients on their special days – like milestone dates (like their birthdays), anniversaries, and wedding anniversaries for example!

The sales industry is quite fast-moving and it’s easy for sales professionals to get left behind if they’re not using the right software. A CRM is going to make your life easier – especially during that spike in productivity before and after any major holiday when sales are typically stronger.

With a CRM, you’ll have all the tools you need to streamline your sales process. Rentopian’s CRM module allows you to easily track, manage, and engage with all of your customers’ rental history. This way you can create customized experiences for your customers that will please them and make sure they are satisfied with your services and customer support.

Event Rental Software CRM


Website Bookings

Having a website for your rental business is important as it gives you a very consistent way to stay on your customers’ radar 24/7 and with mobile devices, it’s advisable for you to make your presence known via the interweb at all times. That way, you’ll be able to receive order bookings from people who are visiting your website! Allow them the convenience of putting an order on hold or placing a quote given they’re looking into renting out your various amenities, puts everything so much easier! This will allow your office staff to focus more on other activities, such as planning events, sending out emails, and updating logistics.

You can sync Rentopian data with your company’s website using Rentopian’s WordPress plugin. With this feature, you can display prices, availability, descriptions, specs, and other pertinent details about an item for rent on both Rentopian and your own website.

Let’s review the steps a website visitor will take on your website:

  • A client finds your event rental website or is redirected there. 
  • The client will be able to browse your rental products, packages, and services based on their rental dates and times. 
  • The user can choose storage items of their choice, including variations, colors, sizes, textures, etc., and add them to the cart. 
  • Clients can enter all the necessary event information once they have reached the checkout page, including but not limited to delivery information, event hours, venue information, and access, among other things. 
  • A client can either submit a quote or place a direct order through your event rental software, depending on the settings. 
  • The transaction information will be synced in real-time to your Rentopian account once a quote or order is submitted.

website orders in event rental software


Final Thoughts

The online world is a constantly changing place! If you want to stay relevant and ready to answer your clients’ needs, you need to find new and innovative solutions. Even small improvements can make a massive difference. With cutting-edge yet user-friendly tools, you have the power to handle functionality such as inventory management, online invoicing, payments and receipts, web orders, email marketing automation, and more. You will feel a change in your bottom line when you experience increased cash flow right away with Rentopian.

Schedule a free demo of Rentopian, the all-in-one event rental software that aids with everything from customer management to payment processing. You can also sign up for this free 2-week trial today!