How To Manage Your Team During a Busy Event Rental Season (Part 2)

Your Team During a Busy Event Rental

Planning an event for clients can be both exciting and challenging. When one looks from afar, it may appear simple enough to plan an event and incorporate your event rental inventory into it, but this is all done one step at a time carefully coordinating between product supply and managing attendance – with the hope of not missing any deadlines or steps involved in doing so! There are many aspects an event rental business owner needs to consider when organizing an event and providing event rentals.


Lead The Right People In The Right Direction

As a manager of an event rental company or planner, it is your job to ensure each assignment assigned to a team member is done to the highest standards expected. As a result, careful monitoring and follow-ups are important. Moreover, everyone on your team plays an equal role in ensuring that the event goes smoothly! So whether they’re preparing stage equipment or putting together decorations and party favors, knowing that all of their hard work counts just as much as everyone else’s is important.

As event rental companies flourish and expand, event rental managers or planners must stay up-to-date with the happenings in their industry. It’s important for them to ensure that every member of their team, from the accountant to the delivery driver, is properly trained and updated on the latest innovations in order to produce high-quality results.

As a manager, one should make it clear to the team that you’ll be checking in from time to time throughout the development process. You ideally want to do this at periodic intervals throughout the duration of the project. Sending out some updates about deadlines a few days ahead of time is also a great idea if you feel it’ll help with finishing up tasks ahead of the event date.

It’s important to choose the strategy that works best for your team, and then guide them towards it. There might be delays or mistakes along the way, but make sure you work out what is causing these issues so that you may resolve them as quickly as possible to get things back on track.


Use Tech

Don’t let products, orders, clients, and accounting be spread out over different applications. The best way to keep all of this stuff in one place is by working with a centralized system. Monitor the sales performance and analyze inventory levels, then use detailed reports to make calculated decisions. Save time and money with automation, so that you can focus on satisfying your customers. Automation software has allowed companies to eliminate repetitive tasks and help small businesses process their increasing transaction volumes at a low cost for decades.

While some businesses might still use pen and paper, Rentopian was designed with a suite of online rental event management software to help streamline the online event rental process. You’ll gain all the functionality of your favorite tools in one place. We integrate with your payment processor, document-signing tool, Google calendar, and more – so you don’t have to waste time connecting the dots. Additionally, the streamlined processes create a convenient and user-friendly method for your clients to reserve, sign, and pay online for their rental orders.

Team Communication

Keeping on top of what’s important and an effective way to do it is by making sure that you convey all the right information to your team beforehand. You can’t expect people to perform well if they don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing. It’s also challenging for your team to try to understand exactly what one needs to accomplish if they don’t have all of the information. Communication is key in making event plans come together more smoothly so it’s best to be open and straightforward with everyone you work with.

Sometimes when you’re focused on the bigger picture, it’s easy to forget about the individual details. When two members of your team are working on a single project, there may be issues with miscommunication since neither party is aware of how the other person is approaching their work. This may result in a breakdown in communication between the staff members unless there is more direct participation from a management member who can overlook and rectify any potential problems that could serve as roadblocks to a successful event.

Having several communication channels can cause unintended confusion – this is where automation can help. Automation helps to move tasks forward in an orderly fashion, ensuring efficiency and decreasing the opportunity for communication to be lost or misunderstood.

crm module for event rental software

Incentives Work Well

A driven team does their best, no matter the situation. By removing irrelevant hurdles through collaboration and taking into consideration multiple perspectives and insights, tasks are received more favorably by teams…and no one is left out of the loop!

Let us not forget about the importance of thanking others for their help and hard work. Rewarding those who have helped you can make them feel appreciated and valued, giving them a sense of purpose within your team. It’s important that every participant in a project contributes to the best of their ability. A great way to encourage keen participation is by going out of your way to show appreciation for a job well done. Think outside the box when it comes to demonstrating your gratitude.


Fail Upwards and Learn

There will be big and tall hurdles to take care of before you can successfully complete any event or project. But once you do, we advise taking a few minutes for your team to meet up and discuss what went well, what didn’t go so well and how it can be made better next time. Conversely, talk about the points where everything worked wonderfully and how everyone can benefit from the efficiency level the next time around! Figure out if there is something that needs to be taught as a learning moment for all team members.

If challenges are viewed as a time to reflect and learn from our mistakes, then it will relieve some stress on the team members since they’ll be able to learn from their past mistakes. By reflecting on how a challenge has been handled correctly in the present, they’ll also better understand what went wrong so that they can be more successful in the future.

One way to improve on what you have learned from mistakes is by looking for the positive changes you have made based on each occurrence. Filling in any gaps of knowledge would help prevent future errors and will help do a more efficient job of observing actions and findings.


Final Thoughts

Events are like dominoes when it comes to preparing for them – each event has many moving pieces that need to fall into place just right if the end result is going to be up to par. One of the best ways to ensure your events will go off with a bang is by ensuring your team and you have a degree of flexibility when it comes down to what decisions you make in terms of how you deliver your events. Also, remember that it’s just as important for you to communicate efficiently with your team and make it easy for them to communicate with you as well. As the upcoming busy season approaches, keep these pointers in mind. Get in touch for a free 2-week trial of the best all-in-one event rental software that’ll help you get your team on track and keep them organized.