All-in-one AV Rental Software For Your Audiovisual Rental Business

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Five years from now, the audiovisual services and rentals industry will be valued at $325 billion, which is a rise of 33 percent over the $247 billion it was in 2019.  According to information produced by AVIXA™, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, this explosive growth will be caused by AV rental companies needing to cater to such high demand for audiovisual services. Why do they need AV rental software to manage this though?

Audio-visual rentals for major events can be a challenge to manage. There are many factors that need to be taken into account at any given time, and this is just one of the reasons it’s ideal to have everything right there at your fingertips with a cloud-based AV rental management software. When you’re well prepared, it’s easier to decide what would work best to meet your needs because you have the pertinent details readily available without having to come back here and re-detail important facets later on. It’s also crucial to have control over your AV rental business at all times so you don’t become stressed out by last-minute changes or issues. 

One way to ensure that your larger, more complex jobs have everything they need is by using AV rental software, such as Rentopian. The all-in-one AV equipment rental software enables you to track every essential detail of audiovisual equipment or other resources which may be featured in your work with clients. Furthermore, it also can function as a credit card processing solution that allows you to move from paper invoices and credit checks to an all-inclusive platform where your clients are able to reserve, sign a digital agreement, and make an online payment. 

Rentopian makes renting out audiovisual equipment easy and seamless, helping to eliminate headaches and some of the more tiresome aspects of running an AV rental company. If you’re looking for a solution that does everything from handling all of your customer services needs down to offering integrated bookkeeping, invoice creation, accounting, and more, along with the necessary software features like inventory reporting and quote/order creations, Rentopian has you covered.


Inventory Management and Planning

Rentopian features an easy-to-use availability calendar that allows you to view, track and control everything related to your inventory from a single location. The system not only tracks what products are available at all locations, but it automatically tracks which items were lost or damaged upon an order return and drops your inventory counts accordingly. The system allows for total inventory visibility regardless of whether you have multiple warehouses or locations or one because it provides unique inventory tracking for each designated location. 

Furthermore, you can plan clients’ events by helping make everything more visual with our “Grouping” function. For example, you can create a section labeled “Stage 1” with a unique color code and you’re able to drag and drop all of the inveenotry items that are needed for Stage 1 under that section. This method is efficient because you’re able to see where all of your equipment will be stationed. This also makes it easy for clients to see a precise breakdown of what their proposal includes at one glance – e.g. where all of their rental items will be set up – and creates a virtual mood board for those who prefer to shop for rentals with visual aids.

Availability calendar screenshot

Team Efficiency 

An AV rental company requires several different types of communication processes with various devices including phone calls, emails, instant messaging, and word processing documents. In many organizations today, there are several communication flows that happen between different employees or departments. Tools like spreadsheets can help organize the numerous forms of communication effectively so there’s a structure everyone’s working on together. While some things may appear orderly on paper, it can take much more effort to maintain control over projects going forward, especially if one isn’t being proactive with project management techniques. Trying to make sense of a mere collection of reports and separate pieces of information is much more complicated than using software that aligns all of your teams’ priorities under one easy-to-read interface.

Rentopian provides a virtual solution that simplifies the scheduling and deployment of AV rentals. The ability to send emails, track responses and SMS updates in conjunction with an all-encompassing user interface allows rental owners to keep track of their crew and the events they are needed for. Rentopian enables users to smoothly coordinate out-of-office team members or employees by including them in projects or by keeping them up-to-date on events they need to attend.

Additionally, you’re able to optimize routes for drivers and delivery vehicles and you can gain efficiency by being able to track when your vehicles are expected to arrive or depart a pickup or drop-off location. Having more efficient routes means that your company is more eco-friendly since this will help with saving on fuel and reducing carbon output. Additionally, being able to keep up with the travels of all members of the fleet allows you to limit stress because it takes too much time away from other important tasks! You can view details about existing crew members, such as availability or assignments so that you don’t have to deal with spreadsheets and scheduling.

AV Crew Planner


Grouped Packages and Sets

It’s often best to set up a special offer or deal that benefits your clients as well. One way to do this is by pairing 2 or more products together when renting out a product that might be used together. This lets you rent out technical microphones, cables, and other miscellaneous AV equipment at a discounted rate which is better pricing on these supplies when they’re available in larger packages, as opposed to the client searching different suppliers and locations for everything.

The important thing here is that when showing the set, it will be easier for your customer to see all of the available inventory at once and they’ll know exactly what they’re getting and how much they will pay in total. With Rentopian, it is possible to group together inventory items and assign them to sets. A ‘set’ may be assigned a unique rental rate, and the number of sets that are available on any given day and hour depends on the availability of quantity in each one of those inventory items. 

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Final Thoughts 

Nowadays, both new and growing AV rental businesses rely on software and automation to support seamless interactions between themselves and their clients. In order to serve your clients better and optimize your internal processes, you need an effective AV rental software solution. Rentopian eliminates the need for individuals working in teams to manually keep track of back-and-forth conversations, updates, notifications, and alerts related to orders.

Rentopian is a great option for managing all of your AV rental business needs from one centralized platform. It allows you to automate various processes and streamline communication, which saves you time and money when it comes to creating, accepting, and renting out orders. 

The easiest way to learn about all of Rentopian’s features is to schedule a free demo with a member of our team, then jump onto your 14-day free trial. You’ll have access to everything that we offer and our knowledgeable team will be happy to discuss how you can put our tools to work for you. Click here to schedule a date and time to speak with a team member.