User-Friendly Holiday Lighting Rental Software

While Halloween decorations have just started to go up, the early bird holiday-lovers are stringing popcorn, planning their gift shopping, and thinking about outdoor holiday lights and decorations. For most families, the financial expense and time that comes with designing, purchasing setting up, tearing down, and storing all of their outdoor lights and decor doesn’t make sense. Add in the already stressful hustle and bustle of the holidays and most families would prefer to pay for lighting and decor installation services. 

As a holiday lighting and decoration rental company, your work may be seasonal but you’ve already received inquiries about your services, pricing, and availability. To ensure the holiday season runs smoothly for you and your clients alike, investing in lighting and decor rental software, like Rentopian, is a bright idea (no pun intended!)

With Rentopian rental software, you can easily manage online connections with clients as well as provide an online store for clients to submit quotes or book orders directly. This allows the website user to reserve your services at their convenience whilst you can manage your stock levels. Now you have the increased chance of attracting many customers simply because you have invested in a business tool designed for making holiday rentals convenient and reliable for clients, instead of going back and forth with each client to secure a booking or a consultation. Some of the major benefits that come along with using an all-in-one lighting rental software include: 

  • Allow customers to make orders online, and enable them to make payments for their orders.
  • Store products, orders, clients, and accounting in one place. Easily find what you need from a centralized system.
  • Watch the sales figures and use the inventory data to make calculated decisions.
  • Start by automating time-consuming processes to save you time and money, so you can focus on satisfying your customers.

Online Bookings 

With online booking services, people can easily book the items they need for their wedding without having to make a special trip to your store. This also eliminates the need for customers to visit your showroom or warehouse in person in order to inquire about the lighting and decor they wish to rent. This especially works well with customers whose schedules are very busy and hard to set aside time to come in and look at things that interest them. On your website, customers can also see all of the rental items you have available at different times which allows them to choose something that works well with their needs!

The WordPress booking plugin integrated with your Rentopain account is also convenient for the rental company owner as well as the client! By allowing customers to book rental items directly from your website, you can better serve those who need to rent your services or inventory. They can quickly view all of the information they need and lock in their booking via your website. You will also benefit by having fewer costs involved in answering inquiries and other forms of communication and gain the ability to reach more people at once. This way, you can help provide a seamless customer experience and earn more revenue upfront!

Website Rental Inventory Integration

A lighting and decor rental business should work hard to be found online too; an online presence is vital for almost any kind of business today. People often first visit your website to learn about a business before contacting it directly or even decide against doing so. A well-designed website that creates a positive image for your brand, and one that makes it easy to find what a potential customer is looking for will keep them interested in what you have to offer – whether they book your products and services via the web or contact you directly.

The easiest event rental software to use is powered with WordPress booking plugins. These automated booking systems support both small and big businesses. They also allow for real-time communication between your company and your customers. With Rentopian’s booking plugin, it’s easy to update resources in real-time. Due date reminders are available which helps prevent double bookings or cancellations without proper notice. You can prioritize client orders based on deadlines or let them choose their own timelines if you want them to be more flexible.

online booking event rental software

Real-Time Availability

Rentopian allows users to view 100% accurate counts of the inventory they have on hand in real-time. This means that you have the real-time availability status of your rental products 24/7! The advantages of real-time availability include being able to

  • Automatically sync your shop inventory with your website so customers can easily view what you have on offer. Show or hide item details from appearing on the website.
  • Adjust inventory prices and labor costs for each project quote or order.
  • Mark if a product is discountable and taxable.
  • Organize inventory items into categories and identify the required time to perform actions on them (sorting, packaging, sanitizing, etc.), give items a name, dimensions, tags, notes with attachments, and more. 
  • Be warned about overbooked inventory but create a subrental or purchase order within the system to fulfill the order. 

Availability calendar screenshot

Cost-Effective for Seasonal Businesses

Most, if not all, holiday lighting and decor companies go into hibernation from early January through mid-November and become active again for the holiday season. For that reason, purchasing a long-term software license doesn’t make sense financially for a seasonal business. Since Rentopian is a SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) company and you’re able to “rent” the software monthly rather than buy, this model allows for a flexibility since we charge a monthly fee to use our service with the flexibility for the user to terminate at any moment without facing any termination or cancellation fees.

Additionally, it is the responsibility of software companies to keep the hardware and applications of their clients secure. This way, you don’t have to deal with software issues yourself, which saves you time and money while providing a better quality of service to your customers at a lower cost. 


Final Thoughts

With the holidays just around the corner and clients already searching locally for holiday lighting and decor rental companies, consider getting ahead of the game by choosing Rentopian to manage all aspects of your rental business. Of course, you should take advantage of Rentopian’s website plugin with a built-in booking engine to grow your customer base by increasing the number of bookings on your site. For a free demo and access to a 2-week trial account, click here to submit your information and a team member will be in touch with you to schedule an online meeting.