Top 5 Benefits Of Using Online Signatures For Your Event Rental Business

Why are Electronic signatures beneficial for your rental business?


As the world moves to managing daily life matters online, so should your business. Many software and online platform options have transformed business operations. In the past, needing a signature meant needing access to a printer, paper, and a scanner. Adopting electronic signature software is a legally recognized method of obtaining a signee’s agreement to any given document and significantly minimizes delays in completing contracts and other forms. You may be wondering, “well, how will investing in electronic signature software impact or benefit my business?”. Check out the top 5 benefits:

Save money, time, and space

Constantly stocking your office with supplies such as paper and printer ink can be an expensive cost over time. It is estimated that businesses can expect up to 55% savings in cost due to electronic signatures. Storing the printer, scanner, and all of the supplies, as well as filing the printed files and contracts can take up extra file space and lead to disorganization, when all of it could be stored in a rental software platform. Rather than spending time to access contracts that you need to refer back to, you can easily search for the document within the platform using the signee’s name, company name, etc. 


Work Flexibility

All of the staff on the team, including the client, are able to access the document from anywhere at any time. Digital contracts are quickly and easily accessible from any computer or smart device. Rental companies typically ask clients to sign a range of documents, from Order Confirmations, to Credit Card Authorization forms, and more. Based your company processes, you may even ask the client to e-sign the Packing List once you deliver the order to the venue as a confirmation that it arrived on time with all of the rented products. With Rentopian rental software, signed contracts are stored with an electronic trail of the date and time a document was signed. 


Ensure security for your company and clients

Hacking and security breaches are a major concern for companies to choose safe and reliable software systems. Having a high level of security, including passwords and authentication methods, for you and your customer’s signatures ensures that personal information remains private and safe. Institutions, such as banks, use electronic signatures to protect customers’ money and personal identification information.


Increased professionalism

Clients can often make subconscious judgments about a business’ professionalism based on the type of tools used to carry out transactions, including formal documents. Electronic signatures allow you to create and auto-generate contracts, set standard contract terms or customize the contract text to every order, as well as attach the contracts to orders. You may attract more high-end clients if using electronic signature software. Using signature services, like DocuSign, DigiSigner, or Rentopian’s in-house signature service makes it easy to digitally sign or initial PDFs, contracts, or essentially any type of document. A contract can be emailed to a client, either manually or automatically, and the client is then able to sign it digitally.


Be Environmentally Friendly

By reducing the amount of paper and ink cartridges used, it helps to stop contributing to mass consumption and waste production. Destroying trees to make paper is one of the leading factors that ruins the natural world. Completing your work with digital contracts is much more resourceful if the paper copy will eventually be thrown out, or take up storage space in a file cabinet. By saving paper and trees, your company’s decision to use electronic signatures will also decrease greenhouse gas emissions released into the environment 


Electronic signatures are one of the essential tools you’ll need to efficiently run your event rental business and speed up the process of completing several important documents such as Terms and Conditions, Order Forms, Damage Waiver documents, and more.

Rentopian’s e-signature feature allows you to: 

  • Create and auto-generate contracts and attach them to orders. 
  • Set standard terms and text, or customize the text with every order. 
  • E-mail the contract to your client and receive the signed contract back with an e-signature. 
  • Allow clients to digitally sign and initial order PDFs and contracts using Rentopian’s own signature service or connect your DocuSign or DigiSigner account. 
  • View and store signed contracts with an electronic trail of the signature’s date and time, signatory, and contract status.

It is becoming more efficient and appealing for business operations to transition to digital formats in an intuitively organized and secure way. Schedule a demo today to learn how Rentopian event rental software can save your business time and money, streamline operations, and reserve more orders.