Top 5 Benefits of Using Digital Signatures In Your Event Rental Business

In today’s modern, online world – businesses need to think and act online, too! Much online software and online platform options have transformed just about every aspect of people’s life. For example, having a printer, paper and a scanner might have been the requisite for getting contracts signed in the past – but with internet-connected devices, these are no longer necessities. 

Opting to utilize digital signature software is a legally binding way to provide customer service and business operations that operate efficiently and effectively. With some companies making transitions to storing their documents – and even executing agreements – electronically, you may be wondering how an electronic signature processor or e-sign feature in your event rental software is going to impact or benefit your business. We rounded out the top 5 benefits of using digital signatures, below:

E-Signature on an event rental software

Safety and security

Since the emergence of the digital age, companies have sought ways to maintain cyber security and protect their own business interests through online activity. One security issue that companies face has been regarding the vulnerability of client information. Electronic signatures are a way for businesses to secure access to their clients’ signatory information alongside any other data they may need, like contact information. Event rental companies can use contractual signatures to further ensure the safety of their customers as well as maintain high integrity when it comes to public perception by ensuring that company information remains both properly encrypted and readily accessible.


Save space, time, and money

Stocking your office with supplies for printing paper signatures can be expensive over time. It is estimated that businesses can save up to 55% on costs if they switch to obtaining electronic signatures. Instead of storing all of the extra printer, scanner, and contract supplies, you could store them online digitally within the platform as well as search for documents either by signee or file name easily making things more organized. By switching from paper contracts to electronic ones, you will no longer have to access who signed what when you need signatures necessary for a particular project at hand – everything you need will all be in one place!

Rather than spending time accessing printed documents which can be disorganized, it’s much more efficient and convenient to have contracts easily accessible from any device with internet access because they’re stored along with business records on a centralized cloud-based platform that enables access from anywhere!



Rentopian digital contracts can be accessed instantly from anywhere at any time regardless of what device the user has on hand. Paper contracts are not only hard to carry around but very easy to misplace as well. With Rentopian event rental software, all digital contracts can be signed and stored it in one location and referred back to if necessary whenever you need it. Rental companies typically ask clients for a range of documents regarding individual requirements for the event in order for you or the client to know what is and is not included with each item. For example, some items might require transportation from one location to another or specify that tables come with tablecloths. Documenting these additional details help avoid questions at a later date that could result in delays and last-minute changes which will give you more time during prep time before an event actually begins!


Increased professionalism

In a business environment, clients make more subconscious judgments when dealing with forms and contracts. These choices of tools for transactions including formal documents can have an impact on the number of high-end clients you may attract. Using electronic signatures or contract services that are provided through free sources such as Rentopian’s in-house signature service makes it simple to sign any document whether it be a contract or an invoice saving time and effort. As part of Rentopian’s integrations with DocuSign and DigiSigner, two of the leading digital signature providers, you can either connect your existing account or create a separate account with them and sync the signed documents and signatory data into Rentopian.

Eco-friendly practices

By using digital contracts instead of paper to print out and sign contracts, it helps reduce the amount of paper being used and wasted that ends up in landfills which contributes to deforestation. This will help stop people from cutting down trees because it is one of the leading causes that damage the natural environment. And when you’re not printing out documents, there’s less use for ink cartridges as well which makes our environment a little bit healthier place to live in overall. Your company’s decision to implement an electronic signature solution will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions released into the environment by helping cut back on all of those energy bill-raising devices like printers.


Final thoughts

Providing your existing and potential clients with the convenience of an electronic signature will make your business run more efficiently and will also save you from errors when it comes to printing. Be sure that you’ll be taking advantage of this by gathering a list of necessary documents customers need to read and sign before they complete their rental agreement (especially Terms and Conditions).

Rentopian’s e-signature feature takes care of all the grunt work and hassle by automating the process of sending and signing contracts so that you as a business owner can focus more on your core competencies. 

Rentopian’s e-signature feature allows you to create, send off and finalize every contract in a matter of moments. You get to decide which terms you want your clients to use or you can add other rules if needed on a per client/per contract basis. An electronic trail will be kept with all contracts that are signed so that any disputes regarding the legitimacy of a contract or its terms will never arise. By using this feature, one can alleviate the need for paper copies and physical signatures on your documents, streamline the process, and save both time and money!

Rentopian provides an all-in-one technology solution for companies that rent (almost!) anything and everything to customers. You can save time you normally spend managing your inventory, schedule and reserve more orders on the go, and make returns easy with Rentopian’s cloud-based event rental management software. Get in touch with our team to discover how Rentopian can help you streamline, manage, and grow your operations from end to end.