Rental Software That Meets Your Audio Visual Needs

When working with large quantities and varieties of lighting, visual, audio and technical equipment while also managing different events with different clients, you need an intuitive platform to help manage all aspects and ensure the event runs as intended. It is important that such a platform is accessible from a variety of devices and locations whether you need to send a quote or check on the status of your equipment. 


Equipment tracking

AV rental software helps to track exactly which items are at what event via scannable barcodes. For example, your company likely has a large quantity of speakers. Every speaker, even if it is the same type or brand, will have its own unique SKU that syncs with your AV rental software to let the crew know where to find the item, such as in the warehouse, packed in the vehicle, or at the event. When the stock of a particular item becomes low, the software can make this easily identifiable without you needing to search for the specific item. If an item breaks or needs to be repaired, it can simply be noted in the rental software platform.


Flexible pricing

Your business may choose to rent equipment based upon an hourly or daily rate. While each inventory item can have set pricing, you will still have the autonomy to set your own rental rates and pricing depending on the event. With this software solution, it ensures that your customers are invoiced properly, and no customer payment will be delayed or left forgotten. When determining a rental price, you can choose to provide sets, such as a speaker with microphone, or camera with a stand and lighting. Creating a set opportunity facilitates increased and simpler renting for your customers, so they do not have to come up with a list of everything they will need.


Resource planning & management

Project managers can use AV rental software to check on projects to see what is happening, anytime and anywhere. You are not just working until the event, but rather throughout the entire performance or gathering to ensure the audio and visual needs are operating according to plan. You can use the modern and easy-to-use platform to plan what resources will be needed at which times of the event. 

Crew planning & communication

The person overseeing the event crew can create an overview to see where all members of the team are and which project they are working on. With AV rental software, your entire operations can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or computer to ensure you are always kept up-to-date with your team, and no one is left out of the loop. This also allows for quotes and invoices to easily be sent to customers so they are not left waiting for long periods of time, and you don’t have to be sitting at the office to do so.


Labor scheduling

The platform can also allow for the manager of the crew to ensure no employee is overworked, and everyone receives enough rest in between projects. Scheduling timely transportation for materials along with which employees are able to carry out the event is also another important feature for AV rental software. With Rentopian, you’re able to view the availability of crew members and select multiple members for projects. Send requests to crew members to understand their availability, hourly rates, and more, and receive notifications when a job is booked. Then, crew members can view their upcoming schedules, reply to your booking requests, and view all of the necessary details for the project. Need to hire additional third-party employees for the job? Conveniently invite outside workforce or freelancers to projects to make sure you have enough hands on deck.


Rentopian’s audio visual rental software provides your company with the ability to work flexibility, but with consistent precision. The variety of features add a lot of value to your companies capabilities while also allowing you to adjust them to fit your needs. Becoming more efficient in delivering and supplying audio visual equipment to your customers will in turn provide your rental business with higher income and profits!