How To Manage Your Team During a Busy Event Rental Season (Part 1)

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Planning an event and managing a team to help you execute it can look easy from a distance, but it’s quite the opposite. We think this is one of the most hectic jobs because of how demanding it can be on your body and mind. Having to coordinate everything between lines of supply and demand – while trying not to miss any steps or deadlines can cause even the best planners and event rental business owners to experience shortness of breath once in a while.

When putting together a team, it’s crucial to take into consideration the type of professional individuals you want to hire and the kinds of problems that they can solve for your company. If you host events or conferences for example, using special software organized around key business tools such as staff management services will help to make sure your team has what they need and that things run as smoothly as possible on the day without needing to put too much pressure on yourself.

Event Coordination

Event rental coordination can be taught in many ways. Some companies employ an event coordinator to make sure all the details – from finding an open venue and securing permits to hiring vendors and catering – are taken care of seamlessly. It is also possible to take some classes or learn from popular event planning companies’ social networking sites or blogs for tips on how best to pull it all together.

As an event rental company, you must remember that your client is paying you because they need you to coordinate a specific goal and make sure all of the different components of their planning come together flawlessly. So take note of all their needs and specifications in detail, don’t miss any potentially important details, and ask them appropriate questions so they can assist you in understanding better, and then get down to business!

Find The Right Team

Creating a great event team will save you a lot of time, energy, and most importantly money in the long run, because everything will be so well planned that you’ll end up having it cost you less than what you would have spent without all that extra help. Understanding these things will help you know who might best fit what roles in your company.

The success of your event team depends on good planning and management. As a manager or owner, it’s important to make sure the team is running as smoothly as possible. 

For example, if you are providing event rentals for a wedding ceremony and are also planning the day-of coordination, make sure your team knows how to effectively communicate with the couple in charge as well as amongst each other as a team.


Utilize Software

Rentopian is a user-friendly, all-in-one event rental software that lets you quickly and easily organize your team, delegate, and communicate with them. The software allows each and every member on your team access based on what their roles are within the company. One nice thing about the system is that all changes made are automatically updated in real-time across other devices used by fellow members of your Rentopian team. Create a User Role and assign any user to that particular role, such as a Sales Rep, Driver, Warehouse staff, Laundry Room worker, etc. Tie permissions to granularly allow or restrict users from viewing anything in the system based on what they need access to. View a detailed log of activity with a date and time stamp for every action that took place when each user was working in the system and check the history of changes they made to items within their assigned tasks.

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Set Goals and Prioritize

Prepare a game plan ahead of time. Know exactly what you want to achieve before you embark on your journey, and make sure your team understands why they’ll be playing the roles that they will play. It’s also important to keep them informed about any changes along the way and trust that they’ll get behind your vision.

Create a list of the to-dos and responsibilities that require manpower, then conduct pertinent research. First, though, you’ll need to decide what type of team you want to bring together and what skills they will need so you can carry out the necessary searches and recruit accordingly. 


Delegate Tasks

Once you know what needs to be done, make sure that you have help to do it. Handing off some of the work to people you trust will ensure that it gets finished more quickly and it frees you up so that you can focus your attention on other areas where you’re needed. This is especially important when there are short timeline requirements as this makes things run more smoothly!

Making a schedule of all the tasks that need to be accomplished is one of the most important steps in ensuring the event goes off without any issues. It is important to create your schedule with deadline dates and allot enough time for each task. Take into account each team member’s strengths and weaknesses while creating this schedule of programs or projects. Knowing what everyone can accomplish will allow your business or project to run smoothly by knowing how much work is needed at any given time and when it must be completed.

Lead With Vision

As a business owner, you need to work toward handling your business tasks as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. Make sure you’re leaving no room for doubt- even if that means having the vision in mind of what exactly you want to accomplish firsthand.

In order to function properly, a rental company or event planner’s team must be in sync with one another. A good manager should be able to coordinate special events and handle the concerns of department managers and workers alike. One way any leader of an event planning business can ensure compatibility between team members is to find out what motivates them to do their jobs well. Speaking with employees about different variations of benefits such as a skill-based recognition program, or flexible work hours will assure employees that they’re being heard and valued.

There’s no question that the event team is made up of people, and people are going to make mistakes. Even if they aren’t prepared — a great team will learn to adapt and show that they can handle any given situation.

Team members need a lot of guidance and they rely on their leader to help them when they’re stuck. Their leader has to keep up with any business-related developments so that they can instruct the group how to deal with various challenges as and when they arise.


Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking to improve the way your events are managed or want to lead the right people, your team can provide valuable insight into how certain actions could be improved. To learn more about our all-in-one software and to sign up for a free trial, get in touch with us! Also, stay tuned for Part 2 of How To Manage Your Team During a Busy Event Rental Season, coming next week.