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Amid social isolation restrictions at the beginning of 2020 because of COVID-19, putting up yard signs to celebrate a special occasion or accomplishment has become the next-best alternative to hosting a party to celebrate. Now, with shutdowns and restrictions continuing across the country over 8 months later, we foresee yard sign rental companies getting busier and busier every day. 

With graduation parties, birthday parties, weddings, and more events being canceled, people have been searching for a fun way to celebrate life’s milestones while staying safe and adhering to guidelines. Families starting decorating their cars with balloons and banners and piling into cars to drive by the individual’s home and celebrate their milestone from afar. 

Once the drive-bys became the trendy way to celebrate a loved one’s milestones or achievements, people took it a step further and started to rent extra-large card signs to display on front yards. With an increase in the number of yard card companies across the country, an all-in-one software to accurately track your yard card inventory, delivery and pickup information, and client payments has become an essential tool in managing a yard card rental business. 

Here are a few Rentopian features that will take the struggle and frustration out of running a yard card business. 

Sets: Rentopian allows you to group inventory items into sets that are rented together. First, you’re able to create a “set” out of 2 or more existing inventory items. For example, you can create the card letters H, A, P, P, Y as one “set”. Assign a unique image and price to the set that is either equal to or greater or lesser than the total of the individual inventory item. When creating a rental order, the number of sets that are available to be rented out for the client’s specified date/time will be based on the availability of quantities from the individual inventory items. This ensures correct inventory counts and prevents you from overbooking any individual yard cards. It also speeds up the time spent on creating a quote or order. For instance, instead of finding and choosing each individual letter from your inventory calendar to create a phrase, you can create sets of popular phrases or words and simply select that one phrase. 

Happy Birthday Yard Card rental

Quote Wizard: Designed to lower quote-to-order time and create an effortless experience for clients, the Quote Wizard allows you to quickly and easily create customized, beautiful quotes for your clients. Rather than bombarding your clients with multiple emails, the Quote Wizard allows you to send them one email with a PDF of the quote plus a unique link that they can use to access their rental details, sign the rental contract, and submit an online payment. Anytime the client takes an action on the quote, you receive a real-time notification directly within your Rentopian account. Additionally, you have the option of receiving an email notification when a quote is booked. The seamless flow between orders, contracts, and payments help you reserve more orders and get paid faster. With a contactless preference due to COVID, there’s no need to risk your safety or your clients’ safety since all operations can be done online. 


Website Integration: Rentopian’s WordPress plugin seamlessly syncs inventory with your yard card website. Your website becomes a virtual storefront for renting out your yard card inventory. The sync is a two-way communication between your website and Rentopian software, so any changes made in the software get immediately synced with your website. For example, if you add an item to your inventory or change its price, the changes automatically show up on your Rentopian website in real-time. Clients can browse and add any items from your inventory to their cart and submit a quote for your approval. Or, they can place direct orders on your website based on the available inventory you have for their selected date/time of the rental order. 


CRM: Rentopian makes it easy to keep track of your clients, communications, and transactions. All client communication and information can easily be accessed from anywhere, from one screen. Quickly view quote, order, payment history, store credit details per client, and more. You can also manage credit card information for quick-and-easy checkout. Additionally, you’re able to log notes, tasks, and emails for each client, giving you a global view of communication between you and your client. A CRM that integrates with your yard card inventory is essential since it not only enhances your communication with current and potential customers, but you’re able to understand their needs better and assist them efficiently.


Since the end of the pandemic doesn’t look near, people will continue to look for unique and safe ways to celebrate their special occasions. Yard card rental companies will continue to grow, given the circumstances. With features designed specifically for yard card rental businesses, Rentopian offers functionality to help you manage quotes, orders, contracts, payments, inventory, and more- all in one place. Once you implement rental software for your yard card rental business, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one! Click here to schedule a free 30-minute demo and sign up for a 2-week trial today.