5 Reasons Why Your Event Rental Business Needs a TikTok Account

Huge trending videos on social media are a sure-fire way to attract more and new customers. Videos ensure greater visibility, especially in the crowded and noisy world of social media, by offering viewers a chance to see your brand or event space images in real-time. Social media sites like Tiktok offer businesses an excellent opportunity to reach potential clients as well as current customers with engaging visual content.

TikTok is an incredibly popular social networking platform and you should be using it as a marketing and sales tool if you’re not already. You can further enhance your marketing strategy with the help of an event rental management software like Rentopian.

Rentopian is an event rental company’s reliable partner when it comes to managing and growing the event rental business. Rentopian event rental software helps event rental businesses in every aspect, including streamlining their approach to gain active customers, establish new orders, manage orders throughout the process and handle any current or future business activities. Additionally, Rentopian helps track important data about each customer and subsequently allows companies to actively engage with these beneficial customers and grow their company from there.


1. Online Storefront

As an event rental business, it is important for you to know how to promote your photos, videos, and your social media content. But it’s also vital that you know how to create a profile that will entice curious and potential customers. You should add your contact information along with exclusive offers in your TikTok account’s bio.

Your first step to making TikTok users your clientele is to create a profile that will be interesting and fun for visitors to find. In your bio, welcome customers to your rental business and add an easy but visible call-to-action that encourages your audience to get in touch with you. Add a phone number too; this makes it easier for people to connect with you should they need something. If you want to be more specific about your services, why not offer a special incentive such as a free consultation regarding event design and rentals? Ask TikTok followers to submit a video about why they need your event rental inventory for their upcoming event, and they can be entered to win a free customized, event design plan and event rentals for their day. 

If you’re posting frequently to TikTok, make highlights of your past events, services, and promotions that are still relevant! Don’t forget about using your text on the image as the highlight itself. Use video covers the same way one uses windows in a brick-and-mortar store. It will give people an idea of what the video and inventory you’re showcasing are all about. 


2. Hashtag Usage 

One of the very best ways to attract more customers and have incredible success with your rental event business is to use the right hashtags which will connect you with potential consumers. You need to be certain that when you use hashtags, they are targeting your audience or consumers who are looking in a location that fits what it is you offer. It’s all about using creativity and words that mean something to them such as location, dates, or other factors which relate directly to renting equipment for an event. Do not go overboard just choosing any old word in hopes of being seen by others!

Some people might find hashtag research to be a bit tedious and unnecessary. However, you must take some time to delve into extensive research. How else will you know what hashtags are most effective? It might seem overwhelming but the best way to go about this is to find a baseline of general or common hashtags, and use those in conjunction with strategic or very niche ones. 

Experiment with different hashtags to see which will achieve the best results for your campaign. Also, if you are working with influencers who post to their own feeds on TikTok, ask them to use the same mix of hashtags for their videos when they’re promoting your event rental inventory or company so that followers can click on a certain hashtag and also see all of your posts too. 


3.  Branded Content 

To stand out on Tiktok, brands must convey a consistent message that resonates with the audience. It’s vital to have a well-branded TikTok profile as part of your social platform presence. Just like all your other social media platforms, when you begin marketing on TikTok, it’s important to have a consistent brand message. Branding your business profile is just as vital in establishing your presence on the platform since it helps you connect with consumers on a visual level.

With over one billion active users, TikTok has changed the world of consumer engagement. Videos are five times more engaging than other social channels, driving consumers to want to spend their time watching videos rather than scrolling through a feed of pictures. Marketers need to establish a presence in this format because it’s no longer enough just to have a Google listing and Yelp business page; instead, they need to start focusing attention on where the audience spends their time – which is TikTok.


4.  Connect with Clients 

Event rental companies are looking to connect with people who have a creative mindset. One way to show your event rental company’s commitment to this is by being open and inviting to customers via your TikTok profile. Have a clear bio that welcomes visitors, then provide them with a quick link for getting in touch if they have any questions about the products you offer or need advice about designing their own event. Incentives like offering a free consultation will also attract customers and give them something tangible for them to feel connected to you.

However, TikTok operates differently from other social media marketing platforms because followers and engagement are not intrinsically linked. In other words, you don’t necessarily need to have a lot of followers before having your account or videos appear on other people’s accounts – where they can view it and interact with it. TikTok is almost entirely algorithm-based, which means that it can be easy for even small brands to reach large audiences. That being said, there’s no limit to how many people might eventually see one product on TikTok and go on to buy it later on. 

TikTok creators can gain notoriety overnight, while it may take months or even years for influencers on other social media and content sharing sites such as Instagram or Youtube, to build up a strong following on the network. That’s because for example- Instagram and YouTube content is shown to followers of particular users (known as followers). This traditional social media model is changing as social media shifts towards making more entertaining content more discoverable.


5.  Connect with Creators

Creators are TikTok personalities who have a significant follower base and high engagement. Everyday people are becoming more and more influential on others’ purchasing or spending habits, whether they are working with brands or not. These influencers aren’t celebrities but rather very average people who have created such a following of trust and admiration in their niche that people flock to them for advice or to recommend their services.

When partnering with TikTok creators for marketing, it’s important to find creators that align well with your branding. TikTok is full of specialized influencers who are usually very specific in their topics but who still make content appealing to a lot of other people who share them with their followers. This means you can get access to more influence and reach groups of potential customers you wouldn’t have been able to target otherwise! In the case of event rental companies, partnering with a well-known influencer who just got engaged and will be planning an engagement party and wedding in the future is. A great tactic is to offer your design services and event rentals to her for her events in exchange for X amount of videos showcasing your inventory and reviewing your company. Their local followers on TikTok will be exposed to your brand and can reach out for their own events. 


Final Thoughts

Whether or not to use TikTok as a marketing channel is a question that may interest most brands. If your brand is already in the business of making videos, could it be possible that TikTok is worth exploring? The answer to this question will depend on what exactly you’re looking for. Perhaps the easiest way to determine if you want to adopt TikTok strategies into your own strategy is by asking yourself these questions: Is this going to help me improve my market share along with sales/revenue generation? Do my potential clients or target audience use this platform? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then there may be some merit in taking a closer look at creating content specifically designed for TikTok! 

Rentopian is a centralized and intuitive event rental management system used to control all aspects of your rental business operations. We give you the tools you need to streamline and automate time-consuming processes across all business functions. 

Increase the rate and efficiency of renting out your inventory. Allow customers to book online and quickly receive payments. Keep products, orders, clients, and accounting in one place. Easily find what you need from one centralized system. Track sales performance and inventory utilization, and use detailed reports to make calculated decisions. Our mission is to simplify the rental process for both renters and rental companies alike and to deliver an exceptional product that serves the needs and wants of the industry. Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions, or schedule a live, personalized online demo of Rentopian and receive a 2-week free trial.