4 Essential Features You Need In An Event Rental Software

Choosing the best event rental management software for your business is a daunting task. Starting with things like defining your goals and needs, determining what features you must have or can forgo, deciding how much to invest, and evaluating different solutions is both hard and time-consuming, especially if you are a small business owner supporting yourself with day-job income. But if you don’t make the effort to understand your options to pick the platform that will help you meet your goals then it’s almost as good as not being prepared at all!

Looking to increase your event bookings? Streamline your rental business? Or find a platform that will help you scale it up? Event rental companies benefit from using event rental software. These solutions have many benefits in an event rental business like the automation of rental equipment handling and help with collecting payments, for example.

Let’s take a look in detail at which four essential features you need to look for when choosing an event rental software. Event rental software enables you to organize your inventory, control your revenues, project your earning potential, and even manage customer orders more fluidly. Along with taking care of your finances and payments, event rental software even helps you get contracts signed instantly.

  1. Instant Inventory Availability and Management

Renting out items for an event used to be taken care of using a pen and paper. There was no real way of knowing how many times the product was rented out, when it was returned, whether rental products got damaged in the process, or if there were still items waiting to be collected – unless you had a dedicated person to keep track of it all on paper or a spreadsheet. This is where Rentopian comes in! You have total control over the inventory tracking and visualization. This kind of software also allows you the privilege to know whether your inventory coming into and going out of your business is accurate. You can precisely see how much stock you have at any given time period, and it allows you to make changes if things aren’t balanced correctly.

When clients place an order, you are alerted if an inventory item is no longer available in time for that particular event, preventing double-booking or overbooking. 

Additionally, every quote and order contains details about activity and user information that makes it easy to understand what products went where and who will rent them out. You can also see when they were rented out.

Availability calendar screenshot

2. Direct Website Integration 

Rentopian makes it easy for you to link your website to the software. For example, using Rentopian’s WordPress plugin, you will be able to display images, inventory, and additional information about products on your site. This way customers can see photos of products they are interested in renting before they take the next step of either calling you to order or booking the rentals directly on your website. If a change is made to your inventory availability like if an item is returned damaged or a new inventory item is added, your site automatically reflects these changes. These products will then appear on your website- ready to be booked!

This genuine synchronization between your website and Rentopian will let clients know if the items in their checkout cart are available for their selected event dates. They will also be able to place a direct order on your site which will come into your software with all of the selected inventory and required information such as info about day-of-event details, billing and delivery details, client’s information, and so on.

Website Rental Inventory Integration

3. Accepting Online Payments 

You’re able to collect deposits and remaining balances within your Rentopian account directly, or you can send the payment requests via email for clients to submit online. Additionally, if clients are booking a direct order on your website, they can finish their rental checkout process on your website by quickly and easily paying the specified rental fees using Rentopian’s secure payment gateway partners. They input their personal data, like credit card number and billing addresses, and confirm the order information before completing the transaction.

When setting up online payments, you’ll be able to effortlessly follow the money that is coming and going to your business as a way of keeping track of all customer purchases quickly and easily.

Accepting credit card payments online has become one of the most important processes you need to pay attention to when running your business. By accepting credit card payments, you can eliminate the strain of managing every transaction and the headache of having to chase clients for payments.

online payment page for event rental software

4. E-Signature Capabilities

Rentopian’s e-signature feature saves both you and your clients time by automating the process of sending and signing contracts. This is done by specifically crafting contracts around your industry (i.e. commercial real estate) and making this information easily available to you and your clients at any given moment on your Rentopians dashboard. Clients can review the terms and sign it from any device or location where there’s an internet connection. This saves Rentopian users both when requesting or accepting contracts and signing them as there’s no need to travel down to an office or third-party location for in-person meetings. 

Having a rental company electronic signature system permits you to understand and see what contracts have actually been signed by a client. An online or electronically stored document is legally binding in the same way that paper documents are. Signatures can be captured, shared, authenticated, and tracked in just a few clicks, quicker than if there were to be a need to print out the document, sign it and send it back for hard copy proof. Rentopian allows you to streamline your contract collection processes by storing all rental agreements in a central location. 

E-Signature on an event rental software


Rentopian is an all-in-one event rental software that has innovative tools for your business. The software allows you to maximize your growth and profit by intelligently automating tedious or time-consuming tasks. A limitless number of features will help make running a successful event rental company easier, meaning you can spend more time focusing on the things that matter most to your business. For a personalized demo and a 2-week trial, contact us today to get started.